PPT2Flash Professional

PPT2Flash Professional 5.6

Easy PowerPoint slide show to Flash presentation conversion
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Wondershare Software Co., Ltd.

Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional offers the user to transform previously created Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into standard Flash presentations that can be published to the Web, as well as being easily delivered.

This PowerPoint to Flash Professional Converter allows the user to prepare powerful and rich PowerPoint presentations, and convert them to a standard and smaller Flash presentation, that integrates with any multimedia resource with better protection and easier accessibility.

The application comes now with better image quality, SmartArt and new templates for customizable player looks.

This software allows user to insert instantly narrations associated with the PowerPoint presentations, videos and audio clips.

Multilingual support, animations on master slide, control by keyboard arrow keys, etc.

The application runs completely integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint and it works from this software.

When starting the application, it launches Microsoft PowerPoint program and shows a "PPT2Flash" label on the above toolbar. From here all the settings and conversion commands are sent to the true applications that stays in the background.

The software allows the user to import audio for a single slide or for the entire presentation. Also, user can create a Scrennsaver presentation, as well as to capture screens to include them into the presentation before it is converted.

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